The Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development at Grand View University (Des Moines, IA)

In February 2021, The Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development was officially established as part of Grand View University with Dr. Paul Leavenworth serving as the Director. The purpose of The Center is to help people become compassionate listeners by training them in active listening, discovery learning, and the IDEA methodology in mentor-coaching and small group facilitation. A compassionate listener “cares enough about another person to hear the story in their story” in order to help them “become better versions of themselves and better leaders in their spheres of influence.”

The Center accomplishes this by providing high-quality training at a reasonable cost so that a broad variety of people can have access. They currently offer two prerequisite training events:

And one primary and two secondary Certificate processes:

To date, The Center has successfully trained over 100 individuals through the Certificate in Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development cohort process at GVU and other off-campus training cohorts. The Center is offering the Certificate in Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development Process each spring and fall at GVU and at additional off-campus sites. In addition, The Center is offering the MC Seminar online for free via Udemy and has developed online blended training in MC Skills and the Certificate in MCLD via Blackboard and Zoom. For more information about The Center and its training events and schedule, access The Center’s web link:


the Convergence group helps facilitate personal and leadership growth and transformation through individual and group mentor coaching. Mentoring tends to "put into" while coaching tends to "draw out." The role of the Holy Spirit is key to life transformation and the mentor coach attempts to cooperate with the work of the Spirit in the interactions with the client(s).

Through establishing healthy learning relationships and communities a mentor coach can assist the client(s) to discover life and leadership lessons that they can begin to integrate into their life and leadership for impact and effectiveness. the Convergence group accomplishes this through individual mentor coaching, small discovery learning groups, and training others in mentor, coaching, and spiritual direction.

Individual mentor coaching

Mentor coaching is a combination of "input" and "drawing out" to help a person grow and be transformed in Bible-centered and Spirit-empowered ways for focused living and finishing well. Regular individualized meetings with an effective mentor coach can help provide resources, support, encouragement, and accountability needed to help gain perspective, skills, and faith to get to the next level as a person and leader.

Man Card Monday - How to find and/or be a great mentor (Lutheran Church of Hope)

Small discovery learning groups

Discovery learning involves individuals taking responsibility for their own growth by learning how to appropriate the resources of the Bible and the Holy Spirit in healthy learning communities. If you discover it you own it and have a great chance of applying it for life transformation. the Convergence group provides leadership and training to help establish and multiply these types of learning groups using the workbook resources developed by Paul Leavenworth (see Resource section).

Training others in mentoring, coaching, and spiritual direction

Please see Communication section for information about these training workshops.