About the Convergence group

The Convergence group

the Convergence group was founded by Dr. Paul G. Leavenworth in 2009 to help facilitate leadership growth and effectiveness for high capacity, highly motivated leaders who want to finish well and leave a lasting legacy. Dr. Paul, as his students like to call him, has served in leadership capacities in non-profit and for profit organizations for over forty years.

He has a B.S. in Liberal Studies (Oregon State University); a M.A. in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary); and an Ed.D. in Counseling (the College of William and Mary in Virginia). He is also a certified Life Coach with CoachNet and Leader Break/thru. He currently serves as the Director of The Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development and an Adjunct Instructor in Organization Leadership at Grand View University (graduate). He has self-published several books and discovery learning workbooks on spiritual formation, discipleship, and leadership development. He currently lives in West Des Moines, IA with his wife Leslie, an artist and nurse, and they have three adult children.

the Convergence group provides communication resources and events, consulting, and coaching for individual leaders and organizations in the non-profit and for profit sectors. Leadership development is best accomplished through relational empowering, accountability and discovery learning. People tend to experience the greatest life and leadership changes when they are valued, supported, and discover/decide for themselves what course of action they want to take. If you discover it, you own it and may put what you learned into practice! If this sounds good to you, check out specific options available in the Communications, Consulting or Coaching sections of this website. Also, you may want to check out Events and Resources that are also available. If you want to contact Paul Leavenworth, he can be reached via e-mail at theconvergencegroup@yahoo.com or by phone at 515.491.1726 (cell, Central Time Zone).