Finishing well in life and leadership involves more than wishful thinking. It involves personal transformation and intentional focus throughout life.

Those that finish well in life and leadership tend to demonstrate many of the following characteristics and qualities:

  1. They maintain a vibrant relationship with God throughout their lives;
  2. They maintain a learning posture throughout life;
  3. They model Christlike character through the fruit of the Spirit throughout their lives;
  4. They lived their lives in such a way that their convictions and the promises of God were seen to be real in their lives and leadership;
  5. They left behind one or more ultimate contributions or a lasting legacy; and
  6. They lived their lives with a growing sense of destiny and made the necessary sacrifices to realize this to a significant degree. (J. Robert Clinton, The Making of a Leader, 2012, NavPress, p. 204-207)

the Convergence group assists high capacity, highly motivated leaders to integrate these qualities into their lives and leadership through:

  • Communication Resources - free articles, discipleship and leadership workbooks, The Well Trilogy, training DVDs, the Christian Leadership Course (CLC), seminars and workshops.
  • Consulting - curriculum development, self-publishing, strategic planning, team building, organizational change and leadership development.
  • Coaching - individual and group mentor coaching for personal and corporate transformation, focused living and finishing well.

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